• Storytelling, scripting, and production of media content for all types of broadcast.
  • Presenting range of programmes and genres for radio, television and digital.
  • Brand management, marketing and strategy.
  • Efficient use of social and new media platforms.
  • Efficient use of software and production tools.
  • Efficient use of social Media management tools - Hootsuite, Buffer, Social flow e.t.c.
  • Efficient use of scheduling and organising tools - Trello, Notion, Slack e.t.c.
  • Adobe Audition. (Pro level)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro. (Pro level)
  • Adobe Photoshop. (Intermediary level)
  • Microsoft Office packages.
  • DSLR photography and filming.
  • Excellent oral and written communication.
  • Working independently and without supervision.
  • Avid and fast learning.
  • Ethical presence and behaviour.