About me

Hey there!

I am an eclectic communications professional working in sports with a decade's experience in engaging audiences across multiple platforms while currently bridging the gap between athletes and brands through storytelling, digital media, marketing, communications and partnerships. This I did while I worked with the British Broadcasting Corporation for four years covering sports in Africa, there I reported, presented, and produced both underreported and mainstream stories of athletes from the continent and it is only fitting that I have continued on this journey with FIFPRO - the global football players union. It is worth mentioning that my journey to the BBC started in 2012 as I self taught as a freelance presenter, analyst, and reporter mostly curating independent content across radio, tv and social media, a rewarding adventure I embarked on after deciding to not pursue Microbiology which I studied for my Bachelors degree - honestly, sciences stood no chance - my post graduate degree with the ‘FIFA Master’ - an interdisciplinary program teaching the humanities, management and law of sports in three universities in the UK, Italy and Switzerland is further proof. Starting out in 2012 as a freelancer is vital to where I am now, why I hope to help others, especially young people get a foot in the door through my non-profit organization Media Masters. I am also very keen on building useful services and products that people need, why I hope to soon launch Story Inn, a podcast production company aimed at ‘telling African stories that touch. That I am always keen to learn and be better have turned out to be my main strengths, others are my multipotentiality, industriousness and my avid sense of self and with these, I look forward to connecting and working with you to create great things.